Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thou shall not play with fire...........

I've always liked this cliche,"thou shall not play with fire, or else you'll get burnt," and i like to add another line to that cliche," Thou shall not play with fire, or else you'll get burnt,no matter how fire prove you are," So the story goes....................

My close friend confided in me that he long ago began a secret relationship with his colleague. Both of them are married, and both of them are in sales line and both of them will have to travel to overseas periodically.

He told me, he has always regarded this lady as a close friend of whom she can confide in him, whenever she needs someone to talk to, and he always potrays himself as a brother figure to her.

And she began to open up to my friend as far as her problems were concerned, she began to confide in him that her marriage was on the verge of breaking down, for some reasons of which my friend decline to divulge.

Gradually and eventually her solace she found in my friend has begun as a secret sanctuary for the both of them and now my friend is in a dilemma.

He said he never anticipated that this could be happening, he said all that he wanted to do was to share her problems, lend her a ear or two, and he said all started out as emotion haven for her has turned out to involve pyhsical attraction.

When he had finsihed sharing with me, i just kept numb for i know we are all human, i didn't say anything to my friend and just told him to do the right thing.

Q)What should he do? i really wonder

P/S : It is always easier to say NO, in the beginning but we always choose to say Yes to that No


  1. Two is company, three is a crowd. *shrugs* I am outsider. I don't know what transpired in their marriage. i refuse to judge, or even give any suggestion. It's not my place to say.

  2. "...and lead us not to temptation.."

    hope he's wise enough.

  3. Eugene, if YOU have the answer to this... tell ME :P

  4. Oh.... btw, bro...i ditched my old blog. Go kacau me at


  5. i think he knows the answer and the only problem is whether he wants to do it the right or wrong :)

  6. Dont think he wants advice. Think he just wish to have you lend an ear. He already know the answer.

  7. I wuz in the same predicament. I think i had a tougher time tho since I wuz single then. Telling her "No" from the very beginning is the best option, in a caring manner that won't involve any physical attachement. Afetr all, it takes 2 to tango. Must admit that it is difficult thou.
    All the best to your friend.

  8. he will know what the best for him to do... right in the begining, he should jaga api and not let the api spread..

  9. i like Merryn's comment..
    i dont know wor... so complicated one..

  10. Ohhh boy... I hope that they are able to end this before both of their spouses find out.

    If not, "api menjilat" besar lagi...

  11. if he realises that, he should put a stop to that.

  12. Doing the RIGHT thing is very difficult sometimes.
    I can never accept reasons for unfaithfulness. I mean,to even think your spouse slept with someone....something so precious ..to be betrayed.
    A bad marriage does not warrant RELIEF elsewhere,right?
    Do right by his wife and WHAT SHE DOES is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.lol
    I hate affairs.
    Affairs make marriages look bad!

  13. Love is the most complicated thing in the world. Ten Einstein also cannot figure out a solution. Maybe just follow the heart tell you. Good luck to your friend.

  14. That's why. They say prevention is better than cure. :D Say, "Tak Nak"

  15. sad.........nowadays kids really hv no respect.

  16. LOL-ed hard at tekkaus's answer. Indeed... shud say TAK NAK!