Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is scary, isn't it ?

A very dear friend of mine, whom i have considered as a younger sister, text me yesterday with this message. " My company sold already, am asked to leave end of Feb, please help to look out for jobs for me. thank you."

It is scary, isn't it? where life suddenly takes an unexpected turn to the negative side, when some one suddenly tells you that you are no longer needed in your job or even abruptly you are tossed into whole world of uncertainties. Probably the situation can be more damned when one's age is considered not so "favourable" for recruitment.

When i read that text coming from my dear friend, i quickly called and comforted her, i knew as a dear brother to her, the least i could not is to let her know that i cared, i might not have the solutions for her dilemma or predicament but i do have a heart and a pair of ears.

Once smart Alec, once coined the phrase," dont be foolish enough to believe that life is fair, for it isn't and it shall never be." Now thinking about it, i guess i know how profound this phrase has turned out to be.

Q) Are you well prepared if you are faced with the same dilemma akin to my dear friend's?

By the way guys, if you are free, please hop over to her site and give her some words of comfort and encouragement if you could, jessie is her name. (

P/S : Life is (_______________) Please help to fll in the blank


  1. I can't click the link la bro. U type wrongly kah? :( *sigh* Life is never fair... but God works in mysterious ways.Hopefully, this is a blessing in disguise for her.

    I used to think that God was punishing me for all the horrible happenings in 2009, but I now understand that god is trying to show me things. Complicated for me to explain... but... that is how I feel. God is great. He is showing us things.

  2. Life is full of surprises.. sometimes happy, sometimes sorrows, sometimes joy, sometimes disappointments... whatever it turns out to be, we still have to go thru all these .. those will make us wiser...

  3. The fill in the blank thing... I would probably say...

    Life is a bitch. You got to fuck it while it's beautiful and young.

    But on a more serious note, life is a blessing. No matter how hard our life is, there are more people out there who are not as fortunate as us. We may be struggling to make ends meet, but on the other part of the world, there's starvation and hunger. So in many ways, we are lucky.

    Sometimes, I hope my husband can understand this. Life is a blessing, and if we can be grateful to God for what we have and not blaming him for the things that happen and take it as a blessing, we would feel more at peace. Claire, Cikgu, Shakira...they all taught me this. And i feel so blessed now, even though my life is not that great either.

  4. life is.....errrr.....never a fairytale, it always manages to come up with its own twists hahhahahahh.....

  5. Girl from DownunderJanuary 20, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    Life be enjoyed.

    "Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don't have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless, like chasing the wind." ~ Ecclesiastes 6:9

  6. it's suppose to be 'http://' and not 'www'

    blogspot tak pakai www lah father!

  7. life is... full of bloggers :D

  8. life is whatever you think it is.. =.="

    i like cleffairy's though..
    life is a bitch..

  9. Ya lo...blogspot is http eh lah, mana ada www...uncle ada sikit nyanyuk kot! Maybe too sad regards to Chung Ling students tragic.

  10. ok, sorry amy and merryn, i uncle sudah senile already,,,hahah.

    Life is you cant pretend to be young when you are not.hahahahahah

  11. hey, dont pick on Eugene the Father of bloggers la.. kasihannnnnn...
    STP, where r u, come defend yr bro here.. singled out by the ladies la..

  12. life is meant to be make full use of be it working or relaxing.ifi

  13. hemm... i experience that 3 rounds while working in the same co... which i AM still working in the same co, everytime my co decide to merge, buy over or demerge, the whole dept will be demoralised.

    my answer is "...." blank too. ahahaha...

  14. LIFE is .....


    how you make it!

    GREAT , you just need to keep up!

    I know I am

    You can NEVER be prepared for LIFE. Just enjoy the ride!


    ps...Eugene, I like you replying to comments.Keep up the good job!

  15. One of my pal also kena the same thing this month. Her company acquired a new computer systems in accounting. Doesnt need her any more. Her age same as mine. Difficult to find job :(

  16. unpredictable...
    Too bad to hear that your friend will be jobless soon. The economy is really bad now and many retrenchment will be start again soon. Companies cash flow are drying up now for most companies. Really need to prepare for the rainy days.

  17. Life is always not fair but we need to move open another door!

  18. That is life. And it is never fair...something I learn from the day 1 of my life. :)

    But God will give you something else you see.

  19. Thank you guys for all the comments and your words of comfort showered on my dear sister.

    and Shakira,i will do my best to reply to comments, i learnt along the way,

  20. I always heard people say… it is safe to keep aleast 6 months salary in bank.
    Anything happen, it can help u aleast stand for 5 to 6 months.
    Jessie, don’t worry be happy : )

  21. Life is like that! U have to always be prepared for stuffs like these. Of cos it's easier said than done. But do save for rainy days.