Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It is so unfair,,, said the two ladies.

I was keeping watch on my sons,as they were forlicking in the swimming pool with other neighbours' children the other day. Sitting next to two lovely lady neighbours, and as usual we talked about things family, things being man and things being woman and what not.

They were in their late thirties and i was in my mid forties, and suddenly one of the ladies brought up the subject about age effect upon man and woman, she claimed that as a man advanced in age, the better he became and the more charm he would exude, then she quoted a few actors names who were in the early fifties and still looking da bomb and she further said as contrary to the ladies, it was just not the case for the ladies.

The other lady was echoing in total agreement with her friend, i protested to her comment and i said we were all responsible to our own looking good and looking the best, they were not convinced and made another comment as how easy older men can hook up with girls who are eligible to be their daughters.

I am not bias,but i strongly believe irrespective of woman or a man,one must do one's best to keep oneself the best that one could, and most importantly of all, what is the point of looking the best when one's family is in the mess or in shamble, right?

So woman, do believe that you can look good,stay healthy even as age catches up on you, and Man please give the encouragement to the woman that they are beautiful within and without.

Q) Do you really feel it is hard to looking good,to go for exercise?

P/S : Treat her like a lady, and she will make a man out of you.


  1. eugene, i m from that lazy category, to exercise.. its been almost a month since i went for my badminton, i have quitted... after this trip, i hope i will resume my walks one day, yes, exercising does make one look younger than their age, i agree with that..

  2. yeah men or women must work hard to keep fit, hmmm i think maintain good healthy is more important than to just look good lar as long as u r healthy u will naturally look good eh? hahhahaah

  3. Stay in healthy life will make us look younger than our age..I totally agree with that. And that is our own responsible to bring the 'look' to others..

  4. The secret to good health -- eat well n exercise regularly. Boy, that's soooo hard to achieve. hehehe

  5. agreed with you bro. ANyway,it's easier for guys to 'maintain' than ladies.

  6. yup, it's hard because it requires lotsa effort, money & time to maintain, especially if you're a woman, sigh..

  7. most of the time women will not think for themselves first when the kids and family require her attention/time. although they wish so much to go for exercise.

  8. Hmm...I have to agree with them bro. :p Sometimes...women (some) simply depreciate as they grow older. :p

  9. I am lazy too.. =.="
    but it's really unfair loh..
    men @ 30-40, ppl said got "nan ren wei"
    women @30-40, ppl said OMG..
    HAHAHAH.. =.="..
    it's a joke, but quite real loh..

  10. beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder - how else to explain why charles dumped diana for camilla???