Friday, November 27, 2009

A Shoo In Formula...?

I am 43 years old this year, my lovely wife is 40, we have two wonderful boys and we love children especially baby girl.

Every now and then my wife would always be piqued and excited whevever we talk about baby girl, and she would love to have one, but i am not that game for it for the following reasons, i really want to spend more time with my wife instead of having another baby along the way and most important of all, can it be so sure that it would be a baby GIRL

Most of my lady friends know that i love children and they would always tease me to go for a kill to having a baby girl. Everytime i see the daughters of my friends'(especially those young ones) it just melts in my heart, and gives me a kind of longing.

So just the few days ago, as i was chit-chatting with a few lady friends from a shop next to my office, the same topic cropped up again, "go lah Eugene, go and get one baby girl before it is too late for you and for your wife"

Non-chantlantly i asked, can anyone of you be so sure that i would sure get one baby girl, then out of nowhere one lady friend digressed our attention to another funny but yet interesting subject......a shoo in formula to determine the sex of a baby....

Excitedly she said, indeed she knew of a kind of formula written by a chinese shinsheh(pychician) that has been passed down generation to generation and she told me one of her ex colleagues had got a photo copied set of it and in fact she had read it too.

Then i asked her can see tell me roughly how to do if i were to have a baby girl, and the following were what she shared with me.

1)Man should consume a lot of sour fruits, supposedly to tilt the Body PH to the favor of having a baby girl.
2)The "Process" must not be done in the morning.
3)No alcohol drinking.(this one will sure hinder my project Baby Girl)
4)The mind must be clear and serene when the "process" is being carried out(this one sure cannot one, how can it be serene when too much excitement is involved),supposedly baby girls can only be made in a quiet, and peaceful situation.

Couldn't really remember the rest though, i told it was kind of funny, i heard a few times before about some formula to follow for baby sex selection.

Q)Have you ever heard of such kind of baby sex selection formula before?

P/S : Wish i could be in my early thirties and to have a baby as my wish list....sigh


  1. i only heard about my ex-colleagues sharing the formula for baby boy *shy*

  2. just look at me.. 2 big boys and a small girl... dare to try??? i dare u! hehehe..

  3. Maybe you can "piah" to get a baby girl? Better try than nothing right? :p

  4. I have just cared for you bro. Have a nice day. :D

  5. u r right. there are formula these days on how to get girl..i mean HIGHER chance of getting a girl. no such thing as 100%. anyway if u hv another child, boy or gal, u will still love the child as much right... Btw, my mom had my bro at age 41. so not too late..

  6. Eugene : Whatever it is, say if your wife is pregnant, you will get a baby girl yeah?

  7. LOL... Confirm not true lor this formula... Maine was 'made' totally the opposite of the 4 steps... Try la... at least you tried ma... If it's another boy, then only full-stop la... :) But if it's a girl, then imagine the happiness she'll bring!!

  8. I heard that kind of formula too.. but don’t know how true is that wor.. and you still young la.. 43 only ma.. my colleague, 43 and her husband is erm… 54 also just had 1 baby girl 2 months ago… ^-^…
    And your big boy son can help to care the youngest baby in the future too…
    Gambate ne..haha

  9. like claire, my mum and my brother then suddenly one day 12 yrs after having sister came along...not too late fren!! hahahaha....

  10. I have heard alot of such...

    But was also told if you want a baby girl... make sure do "do it" during the first few days of the green period. Usually the boy will come after a week of the green period... so they say... I am not sure worth a shot :P.

  11. Those formula are not 100% one.... i believe in fate. :)

  12. hmm...i think all the facts or myths are wrong. Nothing of these happens for my baby girl, I don't recall taking sour fruits or feel peaceful, in fact I was stress during that period. haha... Anyway, when i checked those 'calendar' it seems accurate leh

  13. That's BS, don't buy that from your colleague. It's actually a scientific fact that you can naturally increase the chances of a particular sex of the baby you want.

    Yup, it's something to do with the woman's ovulation cycle.

    The closer to ovulation you have sex, the better the chances to have a boy, because the y-sperms are faster and tend to get to the egg first. If you have sex 3 days or more before ovulation, the better your chances to conceive a girl, because the weaker y-sperms tend to die sooner and the x-sperms will be available in greater quantity whenever the egg is released. On the other hand, having sex from 2 days before ovulation, through a few days after ovulation, is better for conceiving a boy. Around the 2-day point -- 48 hours before ovulation -- seems to be the 50/50 mark.


  14. Please try the followings!
    1) Your misses should eat more meat for at least 6 mths to get her body more acidic
    2) You to take more vegetables
    3) That process not too deep for the Y genes & X genes to travel. X genes is slower & clumsier. (Read more from internet)

    A girl is far closer to DAD & Mum in the later years. Just believe to what I said!

  15. I can GUARANTEE you 50% you'll get a girl.. LOL.. sorry.. but I really don't believe in gender selection. Those who swear by it are the 50% who got it right. Think abt it, if you were to get a boy instead, he'll still be close to you and will be the baby in the family. Eugene, no harm trying, I would say go for it, but don't be disappointed if it's a boy. I have a girl and if god can bless me with another child, I'll be most thankful, doesn't matter girl or boy.

  16. I wish you good luck. It's not too late to have another one. :D

  17. whao~ i give up! lol i totally don't have this experience at all :p well still come here and drop you a message! Gambateh my friend! You may go and try to have another baby no matter is boy or girl ;)

  18. are you serious about wanting another baby?

    I am only in my mid-thirties, and already, I am feeling reluctant to try again. Caring for the three is more than enough for me.. and it's not a matter of having two or three.. it's a case of having to re-do the sleepless nites, diaper-changing breastfeeding, sacrificing all my waking hour on one tiny human being routine all over again that's scares me. Then, there's the money, the expenses of bringing up another child, college and university fee and all that. *phew* no thanks (for now).

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  20. I heard before and must consume a lot of vegetable instead of meat.

  21. i have twin boys, to me, two is enough. Although all the while, i want to have baby girl.

    Now not only got formula, some people even said, certain position doing will get baby girl!! LOL! I heard some doctor also give out formula!