Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next week...long week...without them....

For the whole of next week or rather starting today, my lovely wife is taking my 2 wonderful sons for a week's holiday to Vietnam together with my in laws. ok before you ask why am i not going with them, i rather not divulge,ok just kidding. The reason is simply because my business currently needs my attention.

So for the whole of next week, i will be free but i"ll miss them oh so dearly, never mind lah, i guess it will do me a lot of good too. So tonight, i shall catch up with my reading, watch a lot of TV, living a life of a bachelor again for a week.

Few of my friends had cheekily suggested that i should take this opportunity to test my charm, my virile as a man by going to the pubs to see if i could still have all it takes to be naughty again, to see if there are still girls would get near to me or to relive my erstwhile naughtiness, a suggestion i had gladly balked.

Going for a few drinks, i would definately love to, to do more than that i dont think i have the heart to, i want to be at peace with myself. Family First No Matter What......

Q)Do you have any suggestions as for me to do during this long week?

To you guys, have a great weekend, stay cool and chill.......

P/S: Lonely is the night, when i'm not with you


  1. yayyyyy bujang for a week...btw i told dolly that i wanted to send the 1st day cover for Jovial as a present for his excellent performance in UPSR...if u would kindly give me the address u r comfortable wif....

  2. I will be opposite. next week, long weekend...without HIM. hahahha. My hub will go to chieng mai with his group of cycling gang to cycle. Leave me and the boys at home. I had well planned my week without hub at home. I will bring the boys out to have dinner with friends over the weekend. Then will go to my friend's house for gathering then i got full moon and farewell party to attend. Sound busy huh? hahaha

    Hope you have a good week!

  3. Well, you can go out, sports... blog... eat with friends that you haven't met for some time, that you couldn't meet with family or some sorts... (I guess here would mean those single guys or so), then blog about it again... haha

    that should keep you busy :P.

    I don't have hubby beside me too! but I am meeting him soon again ^_^.

  4. Wah...home alone ah? I'm sure you'll be able to keep yourself occupied. Books, movies and lots and lots of food! Hhahahaha!

    Watch out for that 'man' your son used to wake up being scared to in the night...wooooooooo...... Maybe he'll keep you company..alamak..i write like this, i pula yang seram!

    Anyway, enjoy the bujang life for a week. X

  5. Go watch badminton..China open! hahaha.. know u wont be interested ..

    do more blogging during the weekend! another dull suggestion..

    tonite i gonna blog something to surprise u! hope u be there to read.. hehehe...

  6. 1) walk around naked in the house
    2) watch tv while naked
    3) leave the toilet seat up
    4) ok i really have no idea XD
    5) soccer!!!

  7. Aww which part of Vietnam are they going? It's going to be pretty hot there. Enjoy your long weeeeek, yea, it's gonna be a long one for sure!

  8. Cakap aje.. I know you'll miss them, I know you really will ! Anyway, enjoy the solitude!

  9. Dear, have a solitute time with yourself. You can do whatever you want! And also be "naughty"..

    Maybe, you can celebrate my b'day with me tomorrow?

  10. It's the best time to clean the house spick and span and when your lovely wife comes back, she'll be reminded what a wonderful husband you've been!!

  11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Sure there are 1001 things you can think of for you to occupy time with.

  12. blog eugene.. blog all u want! hahahaha.. :P just don't do anything notti.. not worth it. :)

  13. enjoy the "bachelorhood" my dear brother.. if you need some bread to fill your tummy, let me know your address... hopefully Post Laju can do some favour to send over some to you... :D

    You keep saying ask me to send over, but never leave any address.. how to reach you.. :D

  14. Oh! Home alone for two weeks! Penang is such an interesting place, I am sure you can keep yourself occupied, Eugene. Indulge with with food and the solitary life for two weeks. I bet it can be relaxing...what's more you've been working so hard all these while.


  15. u will get over it bro...enjoy ur single life back for a moment..hehehe...have a nice weekend...

  16. Thanks for dropping by my fellow scorpio.

  17. Yeah! Family first and that's why you are paying attention to your business. :)

  18. I would suggest you to charm your wifey by doing some house chores....hehehe...then prepare something special when she and your kids come home....surprise!!