Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The ugly side of us.........

I attended a musical concert organised by my son's after school care kindy last friday, i always hate to go to such kiddy kind of concerts, not because i loathe the performances of the children, in contrary i feel the children's performance are superb, but the only thing i hate so much being there is because of the "PERFORMANCE" of adults.

My yongest son was tasked the role of MC, naturally my wife and i would have to be there to give him some support.

The Late Show with Marvell Ung Wew. My youngest taking the mike as a MC

During the performances throughout the concert, the ugliness of the adults can be manifested and be seen through their selfishness. My wife and i were standing at the aisle at the entrance, i saw 4 empty seats, with two elderly aunties seated amongst the empty seats, and funnily there were the programmes pamphlet strewn on top of the empty seats, i waited for 40 minutes, no one came to occupy the empty seats, so happily i sauntered and rested myself in one of those seats, then suddenly one auntie raised her voice at me. " This seat is occupied already one" angrily i looked at her and told her if it was occupied, how can i be seating on it"

To save the show, i geekly looked at her and meekly saying this to her " you are a selfish lot" then i walked back and took my standing position once again.

During the concert,one can easily see the insensitiveness of oneself. The parents who were so oblivious to others audience or parents were seen standing up from their seats, snapping away with the full body view blocking the views of audience seated behind them.

During the concert, the more boisterious ones were not from the children, but from the adults, they failed to understand that they were in the concert, and they should enjoy the performances of the children, instead of chatting away with others talking this and that, and worst still, they didnt even know how to keep their voices low.

Some parents were even seen playing selective applause, they only clap when their children are performing, and the same zealousness was not awarded to other children.

P/S : And they call it a selfishness,,,,,,,,,


  1. nang sellfish lah cdak tuk.. mcm2 ikan dijual..huhu

  2. I bet nowadays adults are also not very much different with kids. Really hate those cannot keep their voice low and especially in the cinema where they still answering their phone calls after alert by their loud ringtones which cannot be mute I guess. Then they will continue to tell the person on the other side of the phone "I am in a cinema watching movie now!~~" Sigh.

  3. It's sad to know about it. But...well..these are human nature right? Ha :D I'm sure a lot of us experience the same thing before. :p

  4. Wow! Congrates that you son was the MC! :) You must be a proud papa right? :p

    Anyway I have just cared for you. Take care bro. Have a nice day.

  5. Such selfishness!

    Somehow I find that all this people are sickening. Seat reservation with catalogues and borchures is sucky.. want put handbag lah! Kena stolen later ngek ngek :P.

    Talking while the performance is going on... showing no pride in the performance; selective applause... Well, chaces are they think that will so do their children good? Eventually if other adults are not to applause for their kids, same same lah like how they do to people's kid.

    Hope your son did a magnificient job in his MC-ing :). Going to go clicky clicky now.

  6. wow..Marvel must be doing a marvelous job.. kudos to HIM!
    About the "standing ovation", it is a norm.. parents want to video tape la... take pics la... instead of enjoying the performance their kids did on that day...

  7. Wow.. Marvell so brave dare to be the MC! You must be so proud of him. :)

    Sigh seems like nowadays people not only kiasu but selfish and rude too.

  8. sometimes you wonder how the children are going to learn proper values from this kind of parents and then the parents turn around and put the responsibility of instilling good values on the shoulders of school teachers.....

  9. huh...if I were you..that aunty will surely regret of messing up with me!

    Selfish ppl!!!!

  10. congrats to your son-shines :)

  11. Ooooo....your son so handsome and so smart! You and your missus must be so proud!!! Ya...some adults really! Sometimes we wonder about their upbringing and education...and what their offsprings will turn out to be having parents like them!

  12. firstly, congrats ! your handsome son must be very confident to speak in public.
    I also wish to share.. about selfishness, in Msia, it's quite common to place 'papers' to book a seat at public events. In S'pore it's worst, the place a pack of tissue paper on food court tables to 'choop' a seat.. u see only tissue paper, nobody seating, presumably gone to buy food ! LOL !!!

  13. nice.. your son is gonna be a great MC in the future! =D

    and those standing taking pics.. hmm.. too excited i guess?

  14. well..parents are always in favor of their own children..

  15. I think i did drop comment, but couldn't find.. T___________T

    your son is cute..

  16. Marvell is so cute up there. The scenario is biasalah, parents always looking out for their children only.