Thursday, October 01, 2009

The afternoon that i lost my cool.........

This has got to be one most disgusting sight i have seen so far. I was having my meal in one of coffee shop after my sales call, happily ordering my food, reluctantly paying my bill because i just thought the price was too pricey (one type of vegi, one small portion of pepper pork) that cost me RM5.20 from the so called economy rice stall.

I was already feeling kind of No Shiok already, i took my food, grabbed myself a place to sit and started eating, half way eating, i heard someone making funny sound, trying to locate where that sound came from, it was another customer sitting next table facing me, guess what was he doing?

He was seated down and spitting at the same time, oblivious to the other customers around him, i was staring at him with my angry and disbelief look, he traded eye contact with me but he was nonchalant.

A pricey lunch compounded with someone spitting while i was eating has killed my appetite for good, didnt want to waste food so i continued. For the second time this mother f**ker was spitting again, there i was fuming mad, i took a swipe at him and called out "hey you got brain or not, how can you spit here, while i am eating" guess what this joker replied. " did i spit on your food, if not shut up"

At this juncture, he just rubbed my wound hard, i walked up to him, desserting my food and drink and said this to him " sorry, i have never seen anyone as rude as you are" and i walked off.

Seriously i wish i could spit at that fella, but i guess i was too timid to do it, so i just lost my controlled cool.

Q)what was the most disgusting sight you ever seen while eating?

P/S : No point getting mad over an idiot


  1. Yuck! This is so disgusting!!!!!! If i were you, i will lost my cool too!!!

    Have you have a good evening.


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  3. " sorry, i have never seen anyone as rude as you are" and i walked off.

    fuuyooo... u are cool to me!
    *hat off*
    coz i never got guts to do so, at most also die die stare at them only..

    but i've never some one like that.. hmmm.. not sure how would i react [i am pretty sure i would die die stare at them only >.<]

    but really no point get mad over idiot, they are simply IGNORANT! they not goint to care about how u feel about them, last last u're the only one feeling "kek sim"..
    Garrrhhhh... hate ppl like that..

  4. ewwww.....that was gross.....

    some ppl just didnt care about hygiene and table manners. =/

  5. nang ceridak tahap gaban org ya..mun aku tek nang dah panas telinga alu freestyle rapping terus..haha

  6. you didnt loose ur cool...
    you did what u had to do...

    no point spitting at him, it'll be like a saliva bath after that,wouldnt it? hahaha

  7. how to fight with a person with a third class mentality? Whatever you say or do will only bounce off him, you'd wish you haven't wasted your time and energy.

  8. I live in a flat. 3rd floor. Sometimes, as I climb or walk down the stairs, I see (gerrhh!) spit(s)! I'm like, come on! I just hate it especially when I see it in the morning.

    The most disgusting experience with food: one time, I found a hair in my food, kerinting, and I don't even want to think about what hair is that!

  9. Why not spit on him? Haha :D Just kidding. This goes to show how ignorant some people could be huh! :(

  10. Anyway just cared for you bro. :)

  11. Sadly, there are a lot of inconsiderate, rude and obnoxious people like that running around.

  12. a makan place? you have balls in confronting him, most of us will just continue to eat quickly and left...hahahha and the economy rice is not so economy anymore...:)

  13. Not spititng at him was a good decision.. you don't want to go down to his level. Just cause is it brainless, you need not be like him because you are much more that him.

    It is way disgusting indeed. He should practice hygiene. You did a good job.. kudos.

  14. hate ppl spitting or throw rubbish everywhere

  15. sigh.. must be an elderly chinese or what? u know, chinese are known for making the sucking sound at the throat and then comes the PTUI!! part... yucky!!

  16. Some useless jerk sneezed right in front of my then 6 month old daughter without covering his mouth. These 'things' ought to be summoned and barred from going out until they know proper manners!!

  17. Ewwww.....despise spitters too!!!

    Can't think of anything more disgusting than this...

    Wait....I need to throw up!!!

  18. Oh this is so rude! But I think I won't even have guts to confront him. I may just moved to another place to eat.