Saturday, September 26, 2009

My wife. the best that ever happened to me.....

Remembering the first impression i had about my wife, it was from her voice over the telephone, the voice was so inviting and sweet, didnt know who she was, but instaneously i had this urge of finding out the person from the voice i heard during our short exchange of conversation. ( I was a cargo sales personnel, and she was the trainee in my customer's office)

Fate had it, we finally met the first time( i still remember she was wearing a Malay baju kebaya) as far as i was concerned the chemistry was intense, somehow or rather i just got the feeling she was the godsend for me, our first lunch was nice, but then again she had to head home the next day some 400 over kilometres from me and i really thought i would never see her again, my hope was dashed. Only a few telephone conversations after she'd left.

Then on one Christmas day, she called to wish me good yuletide, before she hanged up, i managed to utter the three magical words of "I Love You" for the first time to her that day and like they say, the rest is history, the sweet one indeed.

Q)Do you still remember the first time you ever said "I Love You" to your spouse or darling?

Another 2 days to my lovely wife's birthday,,,,,hooray

P/S : I am weak in the presence of your beauty


  1. that so sweet eugene hehhee..

    i will always remember my first date with my love ones hehehe

  2. you are practically a fairy tale came true....:) A cargo sales personnel fell in love with the voice behind the telephone and lived happily everafter :) may all the remaining of your days be blessed, my friend

  3. OMG! Your story is so touching! I agreed with Manglish, it is a fairy tale come true. must have preserved really well back then huh! :p

  4. Your love story is so classic and romantic. I wonder if we still have this nowadays.

    Anyway you have a nice day ya. I have just "Cared" for you again. :p

  5. so sweet!!

    May you two have a good and fun and romantic birthday celebration. :)

    An early birthday wish to your wife "happy birthday"!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. awww.... u r so sweet, ants are all over u eugene.

    no, i dont remember if my hubs and i ever said 'i love you'.. hahaha

  7. Aww... that is such a sweet true-life fairytale.

    Happy birthday to your wifey and many happy returns too.

  8. Classic and romantic... the words 'I Love You', I cant remember when is the first time I say it..hehehehe.. but I do remember the last time I say it..funny right? hehe

  9. Hi Eugene, yeah i think i will always remember the first day i met with my dear dear and also the 1st time he said I LOVE YOU to me~~ =)

    So sweet you and your wife...

  10. sweet. and happy birthday to ur wife yah!

  11. sweet I think I'm gettingdiabetes liao! Hahahahahaha!

  12. Eugene ar..., can you write a post on why you should send flowers to your spouse, say "I love you" etc etc etc. so that I can email that post to my hubby? Hahahaha.

  13. awwww.. so sweet...
    u are really sweet!
    hmmm.. i am not sure should i call u eugene or uncle eugene or uncle..
    hahahahah.. the same question run across my mind every time i tried to drop comment here.. hehehe..

    aiya.. no chance for me to find prince charming through phone already, coz i sound like a male... T.T

  14. Aaww,it's so sweet to hear that. Hey, do sent my early b'day wish to Phobe.

    Ps. Been busy with my new guy, lately. Catch up with u soon.

    Take care and love ya.

  15. hehe...i still remembered when my hubby said the words to me i was finding it hard to believe him. Gosh, it took me a lifetime to discover this love with him. Still discovering... good luck to u. May your love grow each year and happy birthday to your wife.

  16. fate has got you both attached. so sweet.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  17. It's so sweet。。。
    & Happy Birthday to your wife

    ( Love is a game that two can play and both win by loosing their heart )

  18. nice one bro! its been a looooong time... how are you man? have updated the blog recently but i still am trying to get intoi the groove of things. its really hard getting away for so long. well, just happy birthday to the wifey and regards to your two boys. ciao!

  19. love is in the air,,, and surely will not desipate into thin air,,,

    i love my wife, that's the best i can do

  20. So sweet, I wish someone will make that kind of story about me.. hahaha.. :p