Friday, August 28, 2009

So what if i was once..............

My phone was ringing, took a look at it, the number seemed foreign 0174xxxxxx, apparently i didn't know the caller as no name was registered in my phone book corresponding to that number, I answered it with my intro "eugene, who's that?" all that i could hear was someone's guffaw, and that made me irritated,then suddenly the real voice came " Eugene, you blogger now ka?, wah very good lah you" before he could continue, i demanded the true identity and disdainly he said "you know me one lah, playboy"

Sternly,i demanded again or else i would hang up,i told him then he reveald himself ...Ha, my very long lost friend,,Kenny. I was overjoyed to hear from an old friend and so eager to know how on earth he got my number, he said he stumbled upon my blog and after reading my blog, he was so surprised that i was a changed man now of which he cheekily insinuated that could i be as real as i claimed myself to be now... a good husband and a good papa.

This friend knew me very well,(back then), we hanged out, we clubbed, we disco, we drank, we wild the nights away together. He knew i was never serious with relationsip (except one) and never would i become a good husband material.he knew the string of girlfriends i once had. So with all those ancient impressions he had about me, he was most increduluous to see the so called ME now.

We chatted for a while, he was asking about did i still meet up with my ex(es), i said sometimes , for i really didnt want to talk about the old stuff, except one particular ex. This friend of mine is still single,that's the reason i guess he cant believe that i am a changed man. He just could not believe it that with my unsavory past,i would turn out to be a good husband and good papa.

I remember when i was dating my wife back then, she was religiously cautioned by her friends and collegues alike about me being philanderous. I am thankful and greatful for my wife's foresight for she knew that i would turn out to be a good husband and a good papa and i appreciate the trust she has in me.

Before i said bye-bye to my friend over the phone, he once again was feeling doubtful about me, but that doesnt really matter as far as i am concerned.

Q 1)Do you think an old you and the new one could one day collude to be bad again?
Q2) Would you change your perception about me now,,,hahahah?

P/S : I loved the nightlife, i got to boogie,oh the disco round oh yea......... I loved the nightlife, but i kicked it now, it is now the family life oh yea................ sung to the tune of Alicia Bridges' "I Love the nightlife" with some altered lyrics


  1. It's always a great fun to hear from a good friend again.. yaay :)

    *I believe people change, both in better and worse directions, and everything is possible. Remember, live is all about choices..

    * Should I ?

  2. did he ever heard the song.."those were the days, my friend.. we tot that never end.. we sing and dance, forever .... bla bla ..bla..." but they did end, right.. now new phase of life..
    hey, i do believe u know, that those who have their fun days during their prime years, when they get married, they will be very "sang sing" (matured) later on.. cos they have already experienced that kind of life and now they r ready to settle down for the more "peaceful" type of life with their love ones... :)

    hey, eugene, coming back to the msg u left earlier on in msn, the blog website cannot be registered la.. the text image on the bottom left was not shown at all, i wrote to them already and now waiting for their reply..see whether it is a bluff or not...any new later, i will update u..ok?

  3. Can know from your writing you a good husband and papa now! I support you. People will change for sure.

  4. Instead of using the word "change", I think I would like to put it in this way - we try, we learn, we think, and we grow. :)

  5. so u really change for family sake... i m very very happy for u...

  6. 浪子回头金不换~XD
    Return of a prodigal.. kekekeke..

    See, the chinese verb also said people do change!

  7. People change...

    I used to club, go out late, wake up late, hate workdays (ok I sitll do)... hot tempered, stubborn, rebel!

    But that changed; I stop clubbing, I sleep at 11pm or later if I am gaming :P. Can't stand being up until even 2am now.

    Temper controlled, stubborness ...hmm still about but lesser stubborn hehe. Rebel? Doesn't every teen?

  8. Oh yes now you change my perception now :P

    I didn't know that you got a lot of girlfriends before. I thought you were a good guy :P

    But agree with ladyviral. People change.

    Glad that you are a good husband and papa now :)

  9. well,you're a man & im a man so i think i should and ought to talk & share like a man-to-man,hehe..
    you're what you're made of,created of and "trained" of.all these years is the outside enviroment that changed you and shaped you but you're still and will forever be the real and original you,...real deep inside can be bad the next moment - if the enviroment is suitable,but you don't want-you know you make have your choice then.a man never change(my philosophy),only changes outside.if he was born a "wolf",he have the choice not to become a wolf again.if he was born a "saint",he have the choice too.i never change but i just does some manourvring with my present life.its okay,if you can't make head or tail out of what im writing,Eugene...haha

  10. Thumbs up to u good papa & good husband...

  11. well, guys can have their night life with their friends provided they have got their wife's permission.

  12. its so nice to meet back an old old very old friend.. =)

  13. I believe that a stable relationship and family life can do wonders to a person's soul. The heart is settled, and when the heart's settled, the person will be a better person. Makes sense Eugene? :)

  14. i believe that we can change and be a better person. I'm sure u have found urself and discovered life and thus, the past will only make u wiser in making decisions in future. :-) bravo to u. n ur wife has made that possible too by believing in u and the person u r capable of being.

  15. I was also wild - parties, dances, discos, booze and cigs...but I never touched drugs - some of my friends did ganja....but once settled down already, all that belong to the past liao!!! Better than some people - goodie2 all their lives and then 40-year itch...and become lau-hiao, having extra-marital affairs and all that! They were deprived of fun in their younger days...

  16. Blogging unites people. Friend and relatives whom you've not met in ages would see your blog and suddenly find that you're still around - but much older than the last time they saw you.

    That's the power of the Internet.

  17. This Kenny sounds familar to me...