Sunday, August 30, 2009

My only wish for "Happy 52nd Independent"

As we Malaysians celebrate our 52nd Independent Day 31st August tomorrow, i have only one wish to wish for............... I wish that our Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat (OTK)will strive to the end and put everything he has on stake to help us to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" is concerned and that light is synonymous to that of the biggest scandal as far as i know in the form of Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) I have never liked MCA (Malaysia Chinese Assoiciation), but this time i must say i must really support OTK for his courage and his tenacity to expose a scandal of which he could have easily made dont know or swept under the carpet.

I believe even as he is being ambushed by chanllenges outside and within his own party, he will really strive to the end and he will make right to what has been made wrong as far as millions upon millions of the people's money is concerned.

To me this scandal is very crucial, if nothing can come out of it, then everything we talk about , such as our national intergrity, our fight against corruption, our emphasis on transparence will be nothing but wishful thinking.

Q) Do you think OTK will succeed in his bid to bring the culprits to book?

P/S : Let the righteous rise


  1. hehe.. very rare.. =.=
    i am the first..!!!
    i wanted to leave comment but i dont know anything about politic..

  2. and I had to type so fast to make sure i am still the first.. =.="

  3. I guess it will not be easy to dig to the root of the scandal as the root is too big and deep! Hope he can dig deep enough and review more truth and nothing but the truth.

  4. happy merdeka too!

    ps you're invited to leave a comment at any of my posts, too. =)

  5. i hope so he can, but if he keeps digging, he will ultimately be digging his own grave :)

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  7. Happy Merdeka and Happy Holiday to u...

  8. dont know which one is angel or devil.the wound infflicted is public's confidence.we may never know the truth.

  9. I am really tired of politics and I try not to delve too deeply into them. But I do hope the truth will finally be revealed regarding the PKFZ issue.

    Anyway, Happy Merdeka to you! : )

  10. happy merdeka..!

    and i dont know much about the issue.. so i cant comment much.. =)

  11. However, Eugene, Happy Merdeka Day!