Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am sad..........................

Something has bugged me for a while now, didn't know it could be this bad but sadly it turned out to be just that...

"Someone very close to me" is facing some serious finacial problems,if he happens to be just another friend, i shall not bother for i have helped some friends before but he is someone very close to me, so it breaks my heart when i knew that actual situation of financial dilemma he is going through.

You know sometimes it agitates me on why people just dont learn, why people just dont know that there is a thing called " cut the clothes according to the cloth" why people just dont bother to save whenever they can, dont they know " every drop makes an ocean ?" everytime when i wanted to advise this "someone very close to me" i was always labelled as talking too much. I am flabbergasted but i still cant sit down and do nothing about it for he is "someone very close to me"

I always like this Chinese idiom 花无百日红 (flowers wont stay bloom all the time) and it has always been my motto of life,for i know for certain in life the ups and downs are as evident as the air we breathe. When we are up, are we prepared for the downs?

Back to the story of "someone very close to me", i can only hope that he will find some ways out, and i am willing to assist in anyway possible,in ways that i deem fit.

Just let me digress a lill" bit here, i have a friend,when he was doing all right in his business,he never thought that bad times could befall him,so he spent,he splurged and he even maxed all of his credit cards(5 gold,1 platinum). In 2005,he accrued a combined credit card debt about RM68K, along the way business dropped,and slowly but surely his credit card debt has balloned to RM140K in 2008.

By the way, i was born in October that makes me a scorpion, obstinate but with loads of love,sigh.........................

Q) do you really find it hard to save ?

Ireally wish i had a million cash in the bank for me.................

P/S : You cant be reticent, when blood is thicker than water, can you?


  1. For me, i hv close friends to asking me to pinjam money. although i do want to help them, and although i do hv some spare...i didnt at the end cos sometimes money will kill friendship right??? To me, money is very sensitive..dont u think so???

  2. It's a bit hard for me to save especially when something unexpected happen. But I will not borrow money.

  3. I totally agree.... We should save whenever we can... Until sometimes people call me stingy le... we will never know when the roof will leak, by then nobody can help us except ourselves.

  4. I also wish if I have more cash in hand hehehe

    owh im scorpion too, but born in november hehe...

  5. I agree with LittleLamb. Money is such a sensitive topic.. unfortunately, it's also part and parcel of life. We just have to deal with such situations in our own way I suppose

  6. depends on who and the situations they r in.. chinese saying.. talk of money will strain relationship, it is very true...

  7. I don't find it hard to save since we don't spend unnecessarily. I don't know how much is enough but I try to save as much as possible. Monthly household expenses is quite high. I would not want if anything happen we cannot survive. I still have 2 young kids at home.

    As for the credit card, I will clear all payments every month. I don't find it worth paying the interest. This actually save a lot.

    Good luck to your friend there.

  8. Visiting. Each and every articles of yours touched my heart. Keep it up!

  9. I have helped a few friends in that kind of trouble... After all, it's only money, and hopefully, they would have learnt their lesson well and I would appreciate their prayers for me that life would be kind to me in my old age...

  10. "sombody very close" is synonymous to "he aint heavy, he's my brother"

  11. Yes, I hard for me to save, but I always make a point not to overspent. 'Loan' only applicable for car/house/study.

  12. I love to save...even a lil...
    I teach myself not to spend & if i do,i spend on very very very very cheap clothes/bags & other gurl stuff hehehe
    But one thing i spend alot on...which is MAKAN !!! i love food!...thats wut bugging MY mind hehehe

    Everybody has their ups & downs,he'll get through it Eugene for sure! With or without u, but its nice to have a fren for a shoulder. So just be there when he needs the shoulder. Cheer up!

  13. That's really sad. I had friend also runaway with the money I borrowed him and he just give a sms when he leave three years ago. Till today also no news from him. Not sure he is ok or not.
    Now the economy is getting bad and many rely very much on credit card and spend the future money. I used to do that last time but I just cleared all my credit cards debts last week. Not even a single cents I owe the banks. Need to pay off the debts if can when the economy is getting worse. Credit card debts will balloon very fast.

  14. I have only one card...
    And I hardly swipe that too...

    I don swipe becase I don want it to be in this type of situation

  15. we need to save money..sometimes I do feel kind a hard to save,but what I did- I cut some of the money from my pay check every month I am saving.

  16. feel sad to your friend...

    Do he find any good solution to solve the problem?

    i think borrow money is not the solution but for temporarily only.

    yOur friend lost control of finacial planning i think

  17. I do find it difficult to save..probably due to stress. It seems I have to spend durign weekend to release some stress on nice dinner or buying some stuffs...sigh.. really gotta discipline and set financial goals.

  18. They say, that it's not how much you earn, but how much you save.

    They also say, credit cards are evil.

    I believe them.

  19. I save easily. When we lend money to a friend, we must be willing to 'give it away'. Only then will it be ok. Small amount still ok. Big amount, even I give small amount also cannot help. Maybe just help him find other means of financial support.

    May the Lord help you be as good a friend as your friend deserves.

  20. My current position doesn't really give me benefits. I would like to start saving now even if I can only save little (on a monthly basis). I will do everything I could to save money and will proabably be doing more in the future, since this is ongoing. I want to prove to myself that I can save money.

    I believe God might have planned something to help your friend.


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