Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The power of a Bald Man...

I would like to share this with you, personally i feel it is rather hilarous because it happened to my friend's husband and it was because of me.....

I shaved my head bald again, (clean one) after few of my friends suggested that i would look kind of cool with bald head, that's not the reason frankly speaking, what really drove me to shaving my head bald was that i missed the stares people flung at me when i had it bald the last time.

Obviously, a bald head would attract some kind of attention especially when standing in the crowd, so there i was standing amongst the crowd while waiting to pick my sons up from school the other day. He gave me a pat on the shoulder and said something like this. "Hey Eugene,how is your business? " and i said "Thank for asking Kenny, it is getting better" when i asked about his,he said no good. Not long after the chit chat, he shifted his attention to my bald head and said something like this "you botak (bald ) again ka? i said yes and that's why my business picked up.
I further elaborated that everytime when my business hit the nosedive, i will surely have my head shaved bald and it has been three occasions, i could see that he was looking blank at me and i awe whether to believe me or not.

Late in the afternoon, i received the call from Kenny's wife who was already laughing at the end of the line before i could even said anything, she asked me with her voice still filled with laugther this " What did you talk to Kenny about this afternoon " and i asked her why, she said her husband out of sudden came back with a clean shaven head and she asked me did i tell him about how business would turn to be better with a clean shaven head, meekly i admitted but i stated that i did not ask Kenny to do what i did. We both had a great laugh out of this and she told me Kenny was feeling lost with his new hairdo or hairlessdo.

On the sideline, which do you prefer my hairless head or haired head? just take this poll.LOL

P/S : In a famous Cantonese cliche, there would be 9 rich bald headed men out of 10 bald headed men, and i prophesy myself to be among the 9, and to you my friend Kenny, hope your business will surely pick up after the shave............


  1. haha.. u said u r the 9th.. hope yr fren wont be the 10th.. hahahaha..
    anyway, as long as u feel comfortable, hair or hairless does not matter..

  2. This is a personal preference.
    Some looks good with hair some the opposite.
    In my opinion, it's good to have a change,not just staying the same trend all the time.
    When a positive change take place,
    that also sparks a new conversation to another greater height, just like your sharing here....He..He..

  3. yap,Claire is right-- hair or hairless it doesn't matter at all^_^
    but was surprised to see bald coz I saw you with hair for the first time and saw you bald when I visited your site lol!!\(^0^)/

  4. WOah!! what a big change! I prefer men with hair but yes I agree bald men are head turners!!