Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How much is your mobile phone bill..?

When talking about the amount of money we spend on handphone bill on a monthly basis, my friends were stunned to hear from me that my monthly handphone bill is only in the range RM30. They were curious in wanting to know my usage pattern, so i shared the following reasons with them.

1) I dont like chit-chatting over the handphone.

2) When i need to reply a customer's call over some business issues, i'll call mostly on land lines, and if i am on the move, i use mobile to call and concretely i'll them that i will go over to sort out the matters instead conferring it over the handphone, (that usually lasts less than 2 minutes)

3) i dont like sending SMSes, my three commons SMSes i send, (bfast)that's to a good friend to invite him for breadfast. (drink? 9.15 , coffeeshop) to another binging buddy. ( I love you, can we ml tonite?)that's to my wife.

4)I dont have mistresses,so i dont have to talk long and secretly using the mobile.

5) I dont engage in phone sex because i dont know how to have sex with the handset, and i dont sound like a cat over the phone.

I hope my friends were happy with my silly reasons but that's all is true.

Just for the fun of asking, how much do you spend on your handphone bill, and can you cut down on your handphone bills?

P/S : Let me end with the Sodja Boys' line " Kiss me through the phone" and that's so sweet.


  1. i paid 85rm last month, me and my boy package... heftier than u anytime hor? how to cut down? i also dont chit chat on the phone, seldom send sms, never call clients at all, just short ring, like "are u coming down" "where r u now" that last 1-2 mins... then how come my bill so much ah?????

    aiyah... must be my son then... both of us share the same plan... aaaaahh..

  2. I use pre-paid, and I top up maybe once a month, so make it RM30? or even less than that coz even I don't use RM30, I still have to top it in order to get my outgoing call.

  3. My phone bills is high cos I always called home. Anyway, got a great deal as I got free IDD charges, so its still consider low. I got a msian sim card since last year and it helps to reduce my bills, cos people will call my m'sian no.

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  5. I dont even know, my husband takes care of it and he never tell me but i assume it's high, am a talker on a phone.

  6. Mine is arounf RM40, for long call I use hubby's phone :D