Monday, April 13, 2009

A missed Friday's assingment...

Well, i missed my pledge this Friday, and it is already Sunday now, but then again man will have to do what he'd promised to do, even it is Sunday, it is still with no exception that i have to do like what i promised.

For this post, i love to promote 3 bloggers of whom one of them is my son, and the other two are one of my favourites,

1) Jen

2) Cleff

3) Jovial

Jen and Cleff are those wonderful lady bloggers who really speak their minds in what they strongly believe in for one, secondly, even if they have to use foul language sometimes, one will not be offended, the foul language used is to compound in what they truly believe. Lastly, If you are a lady, you should really check them out, in my opinion they will make you a bigot in what a woman should really be thinking.

And as for my son's blog, i guess one visit to his blog will surely bring some laughter to dispel your daily stress, secondly it reminds us that we were once a child too, and we should not be too hard on our children and lastly, if what he blogs about can be funny and childish, again it just tells us, we dont need to be too hard on ourselves to be happy too.

Please check them out here


2)My son


P/S: If you happen to drop by here, please say hi to them,ya?


  1. didnt know your son has a blog. will visit him tonight :) and yes....i personally love reana and clef's blog. strong spirited ladies....lolz

  2. =.= alamak, so paiseh.... lmao...well, my blog is not really for kids to read. they will learn a heck lotsa malicious words. Ahahaha.. neway, thanks for promoting, bro. :-P i appreciate it. Say hi to your boys for me.

    @ Calvin strong spirited in my case should be translated to 'ganas and garang'. My husband always say that. LMAO...