Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting better being a Papa

I must admit parenting is a science by itself, it covers all spectrum of life, human-relationship, anger management, stress management, oratory skill, effective communication and lots more. And as my children are growing up fast and fury, i as a Papa for my two wonderful sons needs to update the syllabus of parenting science as well, I am no longer in primary one, i need to be in secondary already.

I had a cordial talk with my Jovial last night, i shared with my joy and my frustration being a dad, my fear and my concern as he grows up and the changes that he might soon experience, be it biological or pyscological. He in return talked about him being himself, he himself being naugthy, he himself being a son to Me.

I appreciate my readers giving me their advice, especially those who have grown up children and those who had experienced a DIFFERENT kind of childhood, and i wholeheartedly saying thank you for those who sent me e-mails narrating their childhood experience,and reminded me things that i should avoid doing to my sons.

P/S: I know i am a good dad, when i hear this from my sons "I Love You,Papa"


  1. What not to do to ur child? never tell ur child they are stupid or useless, no matter how angry you are. It's extremely hurtful and I can still remember them till today even though the sting is no longer there. =D

    I think you're a good father =) keep up the good work

  2. being a parent is a test to our patience.. awwwwwwwwwwwww... (breathe.. breathe slowly...release....)

  3. this is very sweet eugene. :)

  4. Hi Eugene, just instil the good values you learned to your son's. They'll be fine.
    I can see you're a gentleman yourself...and kids, boys especially tend to, 'like father like son'.

    Meantime, have fun, kids grow fast.
    You have a nice day, keep well, Lee.

  5. claire: haha, you know what, it's probably not funny, but i found your comment funny =D

    made me laugh, cos my friend talks like that too =D