Friday, February 13, 2009

Let's hear it from you ..weekend is here

My favourite day of the week has always been friday, dont know why ,i guess it is because the weekend is unfolding, and i can just loaf the weekend away without thinking too much on anything else, so here comes friday...........................

Today will do something different for fun, nothing serious, it is plain fun,ok?

1) what is the most nasty SMS you ever received from someone, and you ever sent to someone?
2) what is your most favourite one liner of SMS ?
3)What is the sexiest SMS message you ever received from someone, and you ever sent to someone?
4) Have you used SMS for breaking up or you being the victim of one such SMS?
5)What is the most common purpose of you sending SMS?
6)What is the all time record of highest numbers of SMS you sent for a day?
7)Do you mind your spouse/partner reading your SMS?
8)How long is the oldest SMS you still keep in the Inbox untill now, and why ?
9)Have you ever received a SMS from a stranger, eventually became friend ?
10)Do you prefer sending SMS to calling?

Love to hear from you.

P/S: Looks like now we prefer "Ti Ti " to "Ring Ring"


  1. Hahahhaah..I also love Friday but for this weekend I think I'll be a bit program..class never end..hehehe..I try to answer your 'plain fun' hehehehe..

    1) Nasty sms received: asked me to go to this website **** to checked someone naked...crazy things..nop I never sent to someone nasty things one hehehe

    2) My ^_^...hehehe

    3) The sexiest one ahh...when someone texting me just to say 'I miss u' during my
    sleeping time' never sent to anyone.

    4) Nop..I hope not..

    5) Replying hehehhe

    6) Replying my ^-^ ..hehehe..

    7) I dont mind..he should do a same thing to me

    8) A inspiration text which keep me 'walk' during my down time

    9) Yup.. I did..

    10) Ya..except if need the answer straight away..

  2. haha..ok.. these questions need cracking a bit.. now poor memory ma.. pls excuse me..
    1) nasty sms rec.. got one nasti one from colleague's husband, a misunderstanding, wife apologised.. so considered nasty sms or not? long story, one day will cerita...

    2) sexy one? sexy dirty jokes got..

    oh gosh.. how to reverse back to the questions in front of yr blog ah.. now at this comment page, susah to turn back now and then..
    ok.. postpone the answers in ofis la..

  3. i love the mornings, coz i know that im still alive.... :) ok, lets see :-

    1, nasty sms - someone was scolding me using nasty laguage, but actually was wrong number.

    2, cant think of one yet :P

    3, received from of course my wife, "im wearing xxxx tonight" *sweats* and me smsing my wife "Im naked now" from my hotel bedroom...hehehe

    4, nope. break up must be face to face.

    5, me smsing for yum char session. not much for work. id call using the bank's line.

    6, christmas.....134 msgs. cost me a bomb *clears sweat*

    7, not at all. she can read all she wants. no hanky panky stuff neways :)

    8, one of my old school mate's email address, coz i always forget to save it in my mailing address

    9, id be very cautious of this. so

    10, anytime. but short msgs only. no time for fancy-mancy

    there you go.....have a jolly good weekend my friend. cheers and god bless :)

  4. I prefer calling than SMS although my work is dealing with SMS...

  5. There's something really bad and good about Fridays. The good news is that you have a weekend laid out for you. The bad news is that it happens too quickly and before you knew it, you're back on Monday.

    1. One guy actually asked me for a phone sex. I didn't reply of course. That's by far the nastiest. My nastiest one would be, "Do I know you? Because if I don't, I'll most probably not reply to your next message." Yeah I know, that's mean LOL.
    2. Can't remember lol.
    3. A lot and I can't remember the sexiest one!
    4. No but he asked me to go online on a Messenger and broke up with me. Wait. Yeah, I know, that's not SMS LOL.
    5. When I just wanna chat with friends or there's some important school stuff.
    6. Maybe 400-500.
    7. No. Because if I prevent him to do so, I can't look at his! LOL.
    8. The longest one I kept would be nearly a year but I delete everything right now, important or not. I'm not very sentimental when it comes to SMS stuff.
    9. Yeah but we only became friends for a short while. He started asking me out but it's not my thing. So I just ignore him until he forgot about me. OMG I'm so mean, huh? LOL.
    10. Yeah.

  6. I'm so HAPPY! It's finally Friday evening, the beginning of WEEKEND! =D

    Ok, let's see:

    1) nasty SMS - hmm, dun remember wor
    2) fave one liner - Ok
    3) sexiest msg - errr, dun think I've ever received or sent one yet =P

    4) breaking up - Nopes, I normally do it the most difficult way, face-to-face *sweat*. And no guy would DARE to break up with me that way... or I'd probably chew him up & spit him out! lol

    5)common purpose - ermmm, to ask ppl stuff that I dun wanna bother them with by calling them

    6)SMS in a day - errm, dun remember how many di, but the most was during Christmas, i think.

    7)spouse reading SMS - no la, dun mind. We read each others sometimes =P

    8)oldest SMS - one of the oldest that is meaningful is kept from 3march08 till now. It contains a love msg from my hubby =D

    9)stranger to friend - errr, no lah, not any that i can remember, lol

    10)SMS vs Call - I prefer SMS lor, dunnowhy, cos i'm more introvert type maybe?
    or I just prefer "ti ti" to "ring ring" HAHAHAHAHAHA =D

  7. LOL... Eugene... aiyohh... I've mistook this for a tag.... so I've answered it in my blog. =.= I hope you dun mind reading it over there.

  8. I love Fridays because tom I don't have to wake up early for my daughter. I sleep late, naturally, i loooooooovvvvvvvveeeee waking up late as well. ;)

  9. Hi Eugene, thks for the messge frm BONGFlo. Let's pray that evrytg goes well for him.

    and who doesnt love TGIF?OOOh i always love Friday evenings but Hate Sunday nights.

    hate & had received threathening sms frm my ex betrayor maid. Best sms was frm hubby wishing Happy bday & asking out for dinner (he never done that before that msgw & i will think it will still be rare in future).

  10. Well, they don't call it TGIF for nothing :)

    Fridays are days that I always look forward to after days of hard work. In fact, nowadays i look forward to Thursdays, too ...hehe