Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sex and Teenager

Before i even begin to talk about the above mentioned subject, let me just relate one real life incident happened to my friend's son (who was 16 then) and his girl friend (who was 15 then). That girl was inpregnated by my friend's son, and she was already 4 months in conception before the news broke, my friend's wife took a firm stand that she did not want to recognize the child, so from then on, no news about the child.

I remembered at one point i had the chance to chat with this young couple, and meekly i asked the girl did she know what sex was about, has she done it, and i even told the boyfriend did he know that sex with minor (under 16 years old) is a criminal offense. Man i tell you, the answer they gave me can even qualify them as sexpert (sex expert). They told me, "uncle eugene, dont worry, we know how to use condoms: and the girl even said this to me," uncle eugene, Ah Khoon is not the first boy i slept with"

May be we must live up to be a modern parents, believing that our teen children know everything and anything that's to know about sex, we condone certain action of them, including letting our child's boyfriend or girl friend putting a night over or even cohibiting, we tend not to tell them that there are rules that cannot be broken, or we just tell ourselves yes they are a grown up now, they know just what to do but the reality is most often than not, these teen children of ours are not as smart as we think they are as far as sex is concerned.

It is indeed tough to be a parent of the present time, and it is not going to get any easier with advent of technology and the easy accessiblity of sexual materials. So i believe the onus is always will be on the parents side, parents shoud give them a home a real home where they can feel that they can express their doubts and pouring out their questions.

P/S : Let start our children right as far as sex is concerned.


  1. boy..phew..that was a nightmare.. how .. if my son were in his place, should i allow them to marry or what.. i cannot imagine but i will tell my kids..whatever happens, do let me know, i will always here to give moral support... dont do crazy things ..there is always a solution..

  2. well, at least they know safe sex. but then again, how did she get pregnant if they were using condoms. bocor kah??? :)

  3. Sooner or later this 'issue' will become as an tradition especially to the teenager. I think media should give a big contribution to prevent it. Prevent? oh no..too late..better find a solution or to teach young couple to be more is their life. Anyway, as an adult we have to support them instead of punished that they can teach their own children too...

    I hope your friend son & daughter will be ok..God with them and heal the brokenhearted of the parents.

  4. I start having sex at age of 12.

    got my gf pregnant at 18, spend Rm500 on abortion without our parents knowledge.

    Sex is for enjoy... the more you do with different people the more enjoy.

    Dont be so harsh! OLD MAN!

  5. phew...

    Thats sounds really scary for me. I mean, I'm not just talked based on the religion, but knowledge itself.

    I always believe that sex education is something important. Why? At least, it will educate the youngsters about the pros and cons about sex.

    Sometimes, it still happened whether been avoided. Well, parents support is really important.

    It's became a havoc issue right now...What happened to our new generation? Only God knows.

  6. i am happy, i hv got somebody calling me old friend, been long time since i heard that phrase,,,he ya!!!!!

  7. i grew up with my mum telling me that i am adult enough. by all means do but with responsibility. calvin. strike jackpot ma. even condom also can break one.

  8. So smart, but not so 'safe'. Kids these days...

  9. adui.. i'll live with that headache in like... ten years time?

    eugene.. wat happen to ur adsense? why public service ads?

  10. These kids think they know it all but they don't with many of the girls falling pregnant. I think it's important to give kids the talk on sex when the time comes for it because what they hear in school from friends aren't usually the right things.

  11. oh boy, interesting and scary,

    they might think they know what's safe sex all about, but they end up in that situation ... or must be too much sex education from internet

    thanks for sharing bro.

  12. scary ...guess i will face this problem 16 years later when my kids grow up.

  13. It's very normal for teens to know what is sex nowadays. And most of them already knew what is sex and how to prevent it. But for the pleasure of it, they just ignore using condom and just go ahead. Everybody needs to have sex, it's the basic need of all human beings and sex gives the best feeling in the world that anyone can ask for. Learn to accept it, not condemen it. Cheers!