Friday, July 25, 2008


I always ask for my sons' permission when i want to open their school bags and check on their homeworks, usually i will not be resisted from the both of them, but two days ago it was kind of different from my eldest son, i was met with some kind of disdain when i asked if i could take a look inside his school bag.

Probably it was kind of routine, so he agreed and as i was leafing through the pages of his exercise books, suddenly he hawked on me and immediately snatching away one exercise book of his from his school bag, as smart as he is, he just knew that my curiousity would spur me to demand a look at that exercise book. This is excatly the words he said to me before i could open my mouth to ask. " Papa, i am sorry but i cannot let you see this book, it is my secret inside and private". I replied " what if i insist " again he said no, suddenly i felt like borrowing the famous quote from the incredible hulk. "Dont make me angry, and you wont like it when i am angry" before i could let those words pass my mouth, he was already welling with tears. Lo and behold, you would have guessed it how i was melted with that scene.

To be true, i was even more curious to find out the content of that particular book. No matter how hard i tried to coax him, it was to no avial as he was so adamant in his stance in refusing me.
Ok, i had to give up trying but i said to him, i just wanted to make sure the contents will not do him any harm, he assured me that it was only some comics that he drew. I gave him a hug and telling him that i respected his decision and most of all i respected him, he said likewise to me.

Eventually, i was indeed assured of the content.( i cannot post the gist of it here, my wife might read my post and most important of all i promised my son it was between me and him)

P/S , Son thank you for teaching me the true meaning of RESPECT


  1. yes, i m sure my son 100% will agree with u... oh, forgot to tell u, actually I never check their bags before even when they were younger ie, after 8yrs of age.. they should know the consequences if they didnt do their homework.. about drawing comics, its good to encourage yr kids to draw, girl now is having a hard time drawing and mum cannot be of much help too..

  2. aww. that was really sweet. respect of privacy is indeed important. however, your concern is pretty understandable. and im happy for both of you - you're creating a bond that's for a lifetime. and even more. :)

  3. by the way eugene, hope you can check the url you typed at my chatbox. there must be some error. hope you can edit it so more people can visit your site and read your wonderful posts. just a suggestion though. :)

  4. respect.. nice one.. thanks for sharing.. :).. totally agree.. I may not have a son or daughter .. but this is a lesson to be learned by everyone.. not just with things. .but with people themselves.. :)

  5. Thanks for your info about how to respect your son... because i have one son and one daughter... they still small boy and girl but i cannot forshed them. Thanks a lot