Monday, June 23, 2008

So you were told..and it's all right

Lately i could notice some switch of attitude in my eldest(11 years), he would give me cold shoulder or act nonchalantly when you reprimand him or trying to correct him.

This bugs me for quite awhile now, finally i decided to have a candid talk about this with him. I told him that soon he would be entering another phase of boyhood, that's for sure i said to him, i told him that he would become rebellious in one way or the other, he drew a blank look at him, and said that he did not understand what rebellion was all about. I experienced to him what being rebellious was .

I assured him, i would understand that even if he truly manifests the rebellious side of him, but i wanted him to have an avenue of vending whatever he feels inside in the correct way.

P/S, i need to look the inside of me, to see the outside of him

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