Friday, May 16, 2008

Promise I Made to you (诺言)

When i was courting my wife, 12 years ago, i used to tell her this. "how i wish i had a car that is auto-gear transmission, so that i can use my left hand to hold your right hand while i am driving"(back then my lau pok car was manual or MT)

Today i suddenly realized, it has been a long while now since i last used my left hand to hold her right hand whilst driving, how can i be so (Bo Tau Sin ) absent minded to have forgotten such a lovely and romantic gesture.

Tonight, by hook or by screw, when i take her in my car, i will again use my left hand to hold her right hand, and by parang(matchet) or pisau, i want to feel the rekindling of that feeling again.

P/S.. If your wife was sweet many years ago, i bet you she is still sweet today.


  1. Bro, get a "hands-free kit" lah...

    Later police saw your act, they might saman you ahh...

    He he he...