Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Father, Son, Exams and Mcdonald's

Being a child's wonderland, Mcdonald's sure can do wonders to a child even in his or her exam, and make their revision a happier one.

My children's exam is currently on going, wanted to do something to break the norm and the mundane of studying at home, i decided to take them to McD to do revision for a change, despite being a bit noisy there, i realized that thier mood was good and it was easier for them to revise there when they are feeling happy towards their study.

Surprisingly, my youngest told me he can learn to concentrate, despite all the noises, even if he was pulling my legs,but then it is ok, as long as they are happy, i am happy too.
努力吧! 翁翊 和 翁唯

P/S. sons i hope you both do well in your exams and make yourselves proud.


  1. "Like mother like son...."

    Now you should now Marvell resembles who? haha......During the "nenek moyang" time, Phobee used to study with her radio turned on all the time!

    from: Meow Lee

  2. I love to go to Mcdonalds to practice my homework.ok?
    From Marvell