Thursday, May 15, 2008

father, son and the scolding

My eldest got the best of scolding from me yesterday, due to his ill attitude towards his younger brother, i gave him the peace of my mind. As i was scolding him, he just kept quiet and waited untill i was done.

I told him about my feeling of anger and about me scolding him, i told him that i needed to make him understand that if a family doesnt stick together as one, then we are kaput.

I walked away from him for a while after the bombardment, then i held him close, and i told him that i was sorry to have raised my voice at him, but i was not sorry for scolding him. He told him me that he was angry with me too, because i was harsh towards him, again i said i was sorry.

I am still trying to find a better way of communicating with my children especially the older one, i need to change myself before i can change them.

P/S.. Jovial, i love you dearly

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