Thursday, May 08, 2008

It is not their fault, really.....

I read in the chinese daily today, how a 17 years old girl was murdered allegedly by her boyfriend's father. Sad news isnt it ?

I was thinking to myself, could this tragedy be avoided ? what roles should parents play to avoid such incidents, what should i do when my sons turn teenager and begin to rebel? how should i tell my boys when is the best time to have girlfriends, etc and etc.

One thing for sure i know is that, my sons will sure be rebellious in one way or the other when they turn teen, it is as good as inevitable. As parent i have to face this truth, in knowing this, i shall start doing something about it now.

I must from now on, grow together with my children, keep up with them, learn from them, build a strong pillar of trust between me and them.

I must from now on, teach them what "respect" is, respect for themselves, respect for others, respect for girls.

I like the malay cliche " nak melentur aur, biarlah dari rebungnya" it simply means, if you want to bend the bamboo, you need to start when they are young.

P/S : freedom with control is joy, freedom without control is dissaster

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