Wednesday, April 23, 2008

孩子,你开心吗?Son, are you happy?

We parents think that being parents is very demanding and difficult, but i think being children of the present time is ever more difficult.

Think about it, children have no way to vend their frustration when they are frustrated, when they do, we think that they are rude. But when we are under stress, we go home, we can let go our steam at them, and they cant fight back. (they have feelings too)

The children cant tell us that they dont want too many tuition classes, because they cant tell us that they are really tired.

When they did badly in their exams, we bombard them with more tuition classes , even home tuition, but we never ask them, are they happy. Where are our hugs and kisses ?

Please give our children space to be themselves, that is to be naughty, to be mischievous, to argue with us, to let them play more, do some crazy things, let them have their own antics, after all this is what a child should be.

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