Monday, April 28, 2008

The Iron-Man

There are many things we can learn and grasp from the little things we do everyday , ironing is one of them.

I've never found ironing to be taxing, monotonous or boring. Everytime when i finish ironing, i have this feel good feeling, of seeing alll those crumpled clothes being "tamed" to well pressed and shiny pieces.Try it, it can be therapeutic too.

P/S, my son caught me in the act.


  1. Hey bro, I loved your act. Every women dreamt that the guys would help in the ironing. Keep it up.

  2. hi eugene, u r not the onli one doing it. ironing is my job now..and i'm proud of it....

  3. hi richard,, i m proud of you too, thks for visitng me. kudos